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Published 3/17/2020

Shiawassee County: State of Emergency Program and Service Updates

County Officials Declared State of Emergency Tuesday


Shiawassee News photo

Shiawassee County government has continued to monitor the COVID-19 virus and is responding to help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 in Shiawassee County.
As we continue to evaluate and adjust our response, the safety of our residents and employees is our primary concern. Using an abundance of caution, beginning March 17, at 5PM all Shiawassee County facilities will be closed to the public until Monday, March 30, 2020 at 8AM. 

During this public closure, county residents are encouraged to use online or phone options where possible to conduct county transactions. Where mandated services cannot be accomplished online or by mail, services may be rendered on a case by case appointment. Residents can find specific online, mail, and appointment options for Shiawassee County Departments below. 

Board of Commissioners: 989-743-2233
• Staffing will be provided in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays for essential fiduciary functions
• March meetings have been canceled. The April meetings status are still unknown. Please check for updates.

• Instructions for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests can be found here.

Community Development Department and Equalization Department: 989-743-2396
• The Community Development Department (Planning, Zoning, Building and Housing) will be suspending normal operations during the County’s closure. The Building Inspection Line (989.743.2280) will be monitored and prioritized building and electrical inspections conducted. The Community Development Director shall be responsible for determining building and electrical inspection priorities.

• Mechanical and plumbing inspections are currently conducted by the State of Michigan and they should be contacted to schedule any inspections.

• Building and electrical permit applications are available on-line on our department webpage on the County website. Permit applications may be submitted by mail. Please¬ email us at as it concerns other matters.

• The Equalization and Tax Description Department will be suspending normal operations during the County’s closure. Staff however will be able to monitor emails and access systems on a limited basis. Please use the department email at for assistance. For those without email, please leave a message at 989.743.2209, also monitored on a limited basis.

Shiawassee County Courts
• Essential services include:
o In-custody arraignments; o Probable cause conferences and preliminary examinations that are not waived; o Review of all requests for the authorization of new criminal charges, including the finding of probable cause for arrest warrants; o Review all requests for search warrants; o Hearings involving in-custody juveniles o Preliminary/emergency hearings involving child protective proceedings; o Hearings for youth to be charged as or with the rights attributed to an adult; o The initiation of personal protection orders; o Hearings on violation of personal protection orders; o Emergency mental health hearings; and o Emergency motion on any matter including show case or injunctive order requests

• With regard to criminal and juvenile delinquency matters, due to the Shiawassee County Courts limited ability to obtain adequate jurors and the effect of the recommendations from the Shiawassee County Health Department on the availability of counsel and court staff to be present in the courtroom, the time period of postponements implemented by this Local Administrative Order (LAO) will be excluded from speedy trial requirements, as Shiawassee County Courts specifically find that the ends of justice served by ordering the postponements outweigh the best interest of the public and any defendant’s/respondent’s right to a speedy trial pursuant to MCR 6.004(C)(6) and MCR 3.942(A).

• Only essential clerking operations will be processed during the time period covered by this LAO.

• For 35th Circuit Court only: All civil and domestic emergency motions, Petitions for Personal Protection Orders, Motions to Show Cause for Violation of Personal Protection Orders shall be filed by email to or fax at 989-743-2241. Emergent questions can be also be emailed to or Forms for personal protection petitions and orders can be found here.  Court forms can be found here.

• For 66th District Court only: Emergency motions and proposed emergency orders please call 989-743-2255 to get instructions.

• For Probate Court only: Emergency filings shall be filed by fax to 989-743-2349. Emergent questions regarding probate matters can call 989-743-2211 and regarding juvenile matters 989- 743-2372.

• Whenever possible, hearings will be conducted using polycom and/or Zoom technology so that parties and counsel can appear without physically entering the courthouse. In the interest of public health only the following individuals shall be permitted to enter Shiawassee County Courthouses (if necessary) during the time period covered in this LAO:
o Parties, essential case participants, and attorneys to hearings referenced above; o Parents of in-custody juveniles for the hearings referenced above; o Judges, referees, judicial staff and administrators for Shiawassee County Courts; o Essential court staff including Buildings and Grounds staff; and o Essential law enforcement.

• Notice of the court closure and how emergency matters and filings shall be filings shall be accomplished during the court closure shall be given to the public, the court’s funding until and other affected agencies and officials. Notice shall include this LAO being posted to the front door of all courthouse locations and on the courts’ website.

• Nothing in this LAO precludes Shiawassee County Courts form making case-by-case exceptions in the interest of justice and at the discretion of the court after consolation with counsel and/or self-represented litigants.

• This LAO does not affect Shiawassee County Courts consideration of civil, family, probate, or criminal motions that can be resolved without oral argument or handled by telephone or video conference.

Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office: 989-743-3411
• If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1

• Animal Control will be limited to emergency calls only

• Road Patrol: operating at full staff, however non-emergency complaints will be handled over the phone

• If you would like to report a non-emergency, please call 989-743-9111 from your cell phone or your home

• If you have a Firearm Registration to turn in, please mail it to the following address and we will honor it as if it was received in the appropriate time frame
Attn: Firearm Registration Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office 201 East McArthur St. Corunna, MI 48817

• No video visitation will be permitted in our lobby

• We will not be in the office to update any Sex-Offender Registrations, if you require immediate assistance with the registry, please report to the Michigan State Post #35, 4481 Corunna Rd., Flint, MI. A contact phone is (810)-732-1111

• We will be unable to fulfill any requests for Police Reports until March 30th, 2020

Shiawassee County Health Department: 989-743-2356
All Health Department staff will be working during the closure and staff may be redirected to our COVID- 19 response efforts.
• Breastfeeding: 989-743-2383
o Text, phone, and video conferencing available

• Children’s Special Healthcare Services: 989-743-2356
o Services will be provided by phone

• Communicable Disease: 989-743-2356
o Services will be provided by phone

• Hearing and Vision: 989-743-2356
o No services will be provided.

• Environmental Health Services: 989-743-2390
o Campgrounds: No inspections. o DHS facilities: No inspections o Food facilities: No routine inspections; no temporary food licenses will be issued; no STFU inspections; foodborne illness will be investigated as normal; limited general complaint investigations o Point of Sale: No inspections completed by the Health Department; completed Point of Sale inspections will be processed as normal; renewals will be handled case by case o Wells: permits will be processed as usual; no well final inspections; no water sampling by Environmental Health staff o Septic: no soil evaluations will be completed; no final inspections will be completed o Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permits: they will be processed as usual in the office o Pools: no inspections will be completed o Water test kits from WaterTech can be dropped off at the Building and Grounds office located at 1024 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna, MI 48817 during the normal water testing hours. They will not be accepted at the Environmental Health Office until further notice.

• HIV: 989-743-2356
o No appointments

• Immunizations: 989-743-2356
o No services will be provided

• Lead Services: 989-743-2356
o No in-home services. Interviews can be completed over the phone.

• Maternal Infant Health Program: 989-743-2319
o No in-person appointments

• Sexually Transmitted Infections: 989-743-2356
o Referrals available

• Tuberculosis Testing:
o No appointments

• WIC: 989-743-2383
o No WIC clinics or in-office appointments available. You will be contacted by WIC staff regarding benefits. If you have questions or concerns about your WIC benefits, please contact the WIC office.

Shiawassee Drain Commission: 989-743-2398
• The Drain Office plans to stay closed to the public and operate on reduced staffing. We recommend the public use the website to request payoffs and send a drain complaint, or call and leave a message at 989-743-2398. Emails and messages will be checked.

Shiawassee County Clerk Office: 989-743-2242
• The Clerk’s Vital Records office will be monitoring: We will be coming into the office daily (8a – 12p) to process mail & email requests. Phones WILL NOT be answered.

Shiawassee Prosecutors Office: 989-743-2373
• The office of the Prosecuting Attorney will be closed to the public from March 18th, 2020 through March 30, 2020 to combat the spread of disease.

• We will continue to perform all essential functions and respond to request for authorization of new criminal charges.
Shiawassee Public Defenders Office: 989 743-2647

• Staffed 8AM-12PM for arraignments and court related activities
Treasurer’s Office: 989-743-2224

• Services provided via phone 8AM-12PM
Register of Deeds: 989-743-2216

• There will be reduced staff Monday – Friday from 8:00 A.M. – Noon available ONLY by e-mail at or telephone 989-743-2216. For your convenience, our digital tools make it easy to search land records online by clicking here.

• For recording purposes, documents received through the US Mail, UPS, FedEx or e- recording will be processed and recorded as usual.

Veterans Affairs: 989-743-2231
• No new appointments will be scheduled until after April 1, 2020

• All current appointments will be re-scheduled after April 1, 2020

• All currently scheduled transportation requests will be kept, as long as they are still “approved appointments” by either Saginaw or Ann Arbor VA medical centers. Both are still contacting Veterans and re-scheduling or canceling their appointments. If you are notified of a cancellation, please call the Transportation office at 989-743-2346 to notify them

• If an emergent request is needed, it will be handled over the phone. Please refer to the following link for an application for the County’s Veteran Relief Fund

• An emergent request can also be requested through the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF). Please contact the Michigan Veterans Resource Service Center (MVRSC)at 1-800-MICH-VET/ (800)-642-4838 and ask to speak with a MVTF representative.



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3/15/2020 Update

Monday, all K-12 schools in the state of Michigan will be closed to help prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the announcement after 10 more cases if coronavirus were confirmed positive in state.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is planning a 15-and-a-half-million-dollar project. MDOT announced crews will begin resurfacing Eight Mile Road between I-75 in Hazel Park and I-94 in Harper Woods starting March 30th.  

The Kalamazoo St. Patrick's Day parade this Saturday is canceled. The Irish American Club of Kalamazoo canceled the parade after Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Two Blue Cross Blue Shield walk-in centers are closing in Grand Rapids due to the coronavirus. The health insurance company says it will be closing ten total customer walk-in centers across Michigan.

An Oakland County judge may become the first-ever Chaldean American to serve as a federal judge. President Trump has nominated Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Hala Jarbou to fill a vacancy.

Saginaw K-9 Deebo is back on the force. The K-9 Deebo Facebook page says all restrictions have been lifted. Deebo has been cleared for light training after being stabbed a month ago.

Willow Health Center, part of the Ingham Community Health Centers, will relocate, to a more central Lansing location Tuesday. Willow Health Center provides care to people ages 10-21.  

If you are a user of the driver assistance program through the Mackinac Bridge Authority, you may want to find a new way across the bridge. The authority announced on Twitter they will be suspending the program to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.