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Published 2/5/2020


President Trump Acquitted of Both Charges In Senate Trial


Jenna Coburn

The President has been acquitted in a Senate trial of both charges brought against him by the House of Representatives last December.

Both charges, Abuse of Power (52-48) and Obstruction of Congress (53-47), fell short of the needed two-thirds majority to convict.  While several Democrats voted against impeachment proceedings in December, the only senator to cross party lines while voting to convict was former Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who voted to convict on the Abuse of Power charge but not on the Obstruction of Congress charge.

President Trump tweeted shortly after the acquittal that he would address the nation on Thursday, Februrary 6th, at noon.


2/2/2020 Update

Bed bugs are forcing the closure of Morenci Area Schools in Lenawee County. The district's website said classes were cancelled Thursday and Friday because a few of the pests were found in the high school Tuesday morning.  

Thin ice is hurting the ice fishing industry in Muskegon County. Mitch Johnson owner of Johnson's Great Outdoors sporting goods says the ice is hardly thick enough for fishermen to stand on. 

The International Auto Show kicked off in Grand Rapids Thursday at Devos Plaza. The Million Dollar Motorway exhibit will display the newest luxury vehicles. The event is going on all weekend.  

Grand Rapids
is seeing major success with their May Mobility driverless shuttles. The pilot program began in July, city officials plan to make them a more permanent part of the transportation department. 

Police say a man accused of making threats against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is in custody at the Oakland County Jail. MSP believe the 72-year-old man left a threatening voicemail for Benson.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley says he is taking action to cleanup blight in the city. He announced a new campaign Thursday, saying illegal dumping will not be tolerated in Flint.  

Five Potterville food service employees are being laid off due to contract changes with the school district. Potterville High School students, who are so upset with the school's decision, started a petition to help get the jobs back. 

Northern Michigan has a new VA clinic. The Colonel Demas T. Craw clinic opened Thursday in Traverse City. The center is named after Col. Craw who was a Traverse City native and Medal of Honor recipient.