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Published 5/11/2020

Judge Stewart Denies State's Motion to Close Karl Manke's Barber Shop

VIDEO: Karl Manke's Attorney Speaks


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A crowd gathered outside Karl Manke's Barber Shop in Owosso on Monday afternoon, one week after he reopened his shop in defiance of Governor Whitmer's Executive Order, to hear his attorney speak.

Manke retained Kallman Legal Group out of Lansing to represent him.  Father and son, David A. and Stephen P. Kallman, were both on hand at the press conference.

Karl Manke spoke first, saying "Hello my name is Karl Manke... one week ago today I made a decision that I was going to open my barber shop. Now for all of you that [think] I didn't have any fear, I did.  I had fear about this."  He then observed the serenity prayer, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference," and said he decided to "take the courage part;" to be courageous.

Occasionally difficult to hear, thanks to the noise of the constant flow of honking horns of passing drivers showing solidarity with him, Karl became emotional as he observed "I came into this last Monday alone, thinking I was going to swing in the wind alone, and I cannot believe the support that I've got."  Crowd members shouted "You are not alone, Karl," before chanting "Karl! Karl! Karl!"

At that point, David Kallman stepped to the podium.  He said that just before noon that day, the Attorney General's office filed a complaint with Shiawassee Circuit Court asking for the Judge to close Karl's barber shop.  Kallman Legal Group had informed the court prior to that time that it was representing Karl Manke and asked that if there was something filed by the state, that Judge Stewart allow all sides to be heard before closing Manke's barber shop.  

At the time of the press conference, Kallman noted that no action had yet been taken by Judge Stewart.  However, shortly after the conference ended, it was announced that Judge Stewart had decided to deny the motion by the state and would not order Karl Manke's Barber Shop to close.

Kallman said during the question and answer portion of the afternoon press conference that he would expect the state to appeal if Judge Stewart were to deny the state's motion and said if they were to lose they'd do the same.  "We're gonna fight it all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to."

When asked if he was going to stay open, Karl reiterated "I'm gonna stay open until Jesus comes."




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Update 5/10/2020

The Air National Guard will fly over parts of Michigan this week in solidarity with frontline workers amidst the COVID-19 crisis.  On Tuesday look to the skies in Lansing and Flint.  A flyover will also occur that day in Marquette, Traverse City, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek.  The Blue Angels will also conduct a flyover in Detroit on Tuesday.  A flyover of Novi and Detroit by the Air National Guard will occur on Wednesday as well.

Frost is expected early this week.  Perhaps the final winter-like temperatures before the warmth of summer takes hold.  Expect cold across much of the state on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Northern portions of the state may hold on to the cold morning air into the weekend.

The Grand Hotel's interior designer is suing for personal memorabilia that was sold with the hotel.  Carleton Varney is also suing for age discrimination after allegedly discovering that the hotel's new owners are seeking a younger interior designer.

A 7 year old girl is in serious condition after being struck by a bullet inside her Detroit home on Mother's Day.  It happened around 1:30am.  An unknown shooter fired shots from outside the Burgess Street home.

All residents of Grand Rapids Home for Veterans were tested for COVID-19 on Sunday.  The staff will be tested later in the week.  Already, three residents and six staff members have tested positive for the virus.

MSU's College of Human Medicine Graduation Ceremony was held virtually on Saturday, celebrating the achievements of nearly 200 graduates.

A fundraiser for the family of a Flint Family Dollar security guard that was fatally shot is nearing $400,000.  Meanwhile, the three suspects have all been arrested and a judge has denied bond for the shooter.

Two Northern Michigan health centers are forgiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt.   The owners of Wellston Medical Center and Primary Health Services of Ludington aim to ease the financial burden on families during the Coronavirus crisis as they eliminate $214,000 in debt incurred by thousands of patients.  Additionally, the centers are hosting a food drive during business hours.