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Published 4/1/2020

City of Flint Enacts Curfew

City Closed 9pm to 6am Daily Through April



Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced a citywide curfew beginning Thursday night, April 2nd 2020, at 9pm.  The city will shut down nightly, from 9pm to 6am, for 30 days, to further battle the spread of Coronavirus as the state approaches its anticipated peak.

Neeley opened a video press conference, saying "God bless us all. God bless this country. God bless this city and God bless each and every one of you.  We are engaged in a fight."

Neeley stressed the urgency of being proactive over the coming weeks, citing the city's number of positive cases having gone from 0 to more than 250 in less than two weeks, and 8 confirmed deaths as a result of Coronavirus.  Neeley said "This is nothing less than a health crisis."

Dr. Lawrence Reynolds, a Flint pediatrician, also spoke at the news conference, serving as a health advisor to the City of Flint.  He echoed Neeley's sentiments, saying "A pandemic means we must change our lives," adding "We are living under new rules."

As of today, there are 9,334 positive cases in the State of Michigan; a nearly 2,000-case increase in the past 24 hours.  Michigan will likely surge past 10,000 positive cases by Thursday.



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Update 3/29/2020

General Motors says it will be ready to ship ventilators as soon as next month.  The auto manufacturer announced on Friday that it will build the ventilators at its Kokomo Indiana plant and Level 1 surgical masks at its Warren Michigan plant.

Governor Whitmer isn't stepping up, according to President Donald Trump.  The President recently issued criticism of Michigan's leadership as the White House weighs a request by the state for federal aid.

High water in the Great Lakes will affect everyone in the state, officials are advising.  Heading into spring, the lakes are full and many of Michigan's beaches are already vanishing due to extreme weather and climate change.

Students in Michigan will likely not return to class this school year, Governor Whitmer told Detroit radio station WWJ-AM.  Presently, schools are closed through April 13th.

A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto I-94 in Detroit on Friday morning.  It happened in the early morning hours and closed that section of the freeway.  By afternoon, much of the bridge had already been removed.

East Lansing's Wharton Center has cancelled its Young Playwrights Festival originally planned for May 9th due to Coronavirus.

Some Genesee County inmates are being released in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Sheriff Chris Swanson said the release of the nonviolent inmates, based on guidance from Gvernor Whitmer, is an effort to decrease the facility population.

A Muskegon man who fell through ice at Pere Marquette Park in late February perished.  A body recently pulled from Lake Michigan has been identified as 30 year old Ramal Roby.