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Published 4/21/2020

MDHHS: Families Owed Child Support Will Receive Funds Intercepted from Stimulus Payments

Like federal tax refunds, past-due support to be collected from payments



As a result of a federal requirement, stimulus payments to noncustodial parents who owe child support will be directed to custodial parents and children, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced.

“The Office of Child Support wants to make sure parents understand what is happening with stimulus payments to people who owe child support,” said Office of Child Support Director Erin Frisch.

As federal stimulus payments – officially known as Economic Impact Payments – authorized by the CARES Act are sent to Michigan parents who owe child support and qualify for enforcement, all or a portion of this payment will be intercepted by the IRS through the Tax Offset Program. The funds will then go to the MDHHS Office of Child Support to be applied to the child support debt owed – as required by the CARES Act.

Funds will be distributed to the custodial parent or guardian in the same way the Office of Child Support distributes all yearly federal income tax refunds that are intercepted.

The CARES Act authorized stimulus payments to address economic issues and unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The law requires stimulus payments to apply to child support debt when distributing the funds. In some cases, the stimulus payments also will cover debt owed to the state based on specific case circumstances.

The Office of Child Support does not know how much Michigan will receive from the IRS, but expects to receive weekly payments until the stimulus payments discontinue.

Families will begin receiving the intercepted stimulus payments next week.



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Update 4/19/2020

Eastern Michigan University students and professors are working to support the frontline by making masks and other personal protective equipment.  An EMU alumni group called GameAbove is providing the resources.

A Muskegon school's virtual class was disrupted by a Zoom bomber.  Inappropriate images were shared by an unknown person in the Holton High School online class.

Some Northern Michigan sheriffs say they will not "strictly" enforce Governor Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order because, as one sheriff told Fox News, "it's a bridge too far."

A survey by the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators reveals that at least 300,000 of the state's students do not have internet or a computer.

No prisoners will be given early release due to COVID-19, Governor Whitmer announced in an afternoon press conference on Friday.  The ACLU of Michigan has urged the release of elderly and immunocompromised inmates.

The Eaton Rapids and Swartz Creek locations of Rite Aid are now self-swab COVID-19 testing facilities.  Rite Aid also added a Detroit area testing facility, in Macomb.  The testing locations open Monday April 20th.

13 residents of a Clio nursing home have died due to COVID-19.  23 residents and 23 employees of Maple Woods Manor have tested positive.

Northern Michigan food pantries are getting a protein boost thanks to the sale of gift cards at some area businesses.  20% of gift card sales at Red Ginger or Buritt's Fresh Market in Traverse City will buy chicken and ground beef for the nonprofits.