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Published 5/5/2020

AG Nessel Confirms Executive Orders Enforceable

Attorney General Sends Guidance to Local Authorities



The Michigan Legislature’s failure to pass an extension of the state of emergency and disaster declared by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer caused confusion and frustration among law enforcement officials throughout the state. 

Many of those law enforcement officials – along with members of the public – contacted the Department of Attorney General asking whether the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Order (2020-70) and places of public accommodation order (2020-69) are still enforceable.   

After reviewing the issue, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a letter of guidance today to local law enforcement officials across the state. In her letter, Nessel finds the two orders to be valid under the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act and asks local law enforcement agencies to continue their enforcement efforts.  

Recognizing the important work done by these local officials, Nessel noted that “COVID-19 has created a public health crisis of unprecedented gravity in our lifetime. To date, the most effective means to contain an infectious pandemic is to keep people away from each other. In promulgating Executive Order 2020-69 and Executive Order 2020-70, the Governor has done just that by placing restrictions on certain activities to limit social interactions. The absence of these restrictions would open gateways for the virus to reach every family and social network in every part of the State.”   

To view Attorney General Nessel’s letter to law enforcement, visit the Department’s webpage.

Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly.



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Update 5/3/2020

A rap song about Gretchen Whitmer is a hit with the Governor.  Detroit rapper, GmacCash, released the song on Saturday May 2nd.  By Monday the song had amassed more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

University of Michigan leaders are cautiously optimistic about in-person classes returning in the fall.  Meanwhile, Michigan State and Wayne State have announced they are anticipating online classes to continue in the fall.

Consumers Energy will resume demolition of a Bay County power plant this week, after the project was halted last year following an accident.  The J.C. Weadock Generating Plant is in Hampton Township.

Domino's Pizza has announced it is looking to hire 600 employees in the Detroit area.  The chain has 60 stores throughout the metro area.

Grand Haven has closed some parking lots temporarily in an effort to deter gatherers after a weekend of crowds lined the lakeshore area, many of them failing to social distance.

Michigan State Police have concluded an investigation into actions taken by East Lansing Police officers that were called "excessive" during two recent incidents.  MSP's investigation has determined the officers' actions were justified.  Meanwhile, ELPD says it will conduct new training for all officers and review certain techniques.

A security guard fatally shot at a Flint Family Dollar store may have been involved in a dispute with the shooter over the issue of wearing a face mask, according to social media reports. The incident remains under investigation.

A Lake City man led police on a 10-mile chase after an alleged assault against a woman.  That woman told authorities she has a personal protection order against the man.  The man ditched his vehicle and ran but was captured and now faces several charges including PPO violation and drunk driving.