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  • Updated 3/28/2020 3:31pm

There are 5 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Shiawassee County

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We'll use this space to share the latest statements and information we have regarding COVID-19.

Please check back frequently for updates.

[3/29/20] WOAP Radio Offering Free Air Time To Help Businesses, Organizations Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

[3/29/20] MDHHS Announces COVID-19 Cases at State Psychiatric Hospitals

[3/28/20] Community Hotline Asking for Donations

[3/28/20] 2020 Home Garden Business EXPO Postponed

[3/28/20] State leaders outline protections, assistance available for energy utility customers

[3/28/20] New unemployment filing schedule to help Michiganders apply for benefits

[3/28/20] Additional Food Assistance for 350,000 Michigan Families Approved in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

[3/28/20] Michigan Tax Deadline Now July 15th 2020

[3/28/20] Shiawassee County Notified of 3 Additional Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases

[3/28/20] Nearly 1,000 New Positive Cases Statewide Confirmed In Past 24 Hours

[3/26/20] United States Now Has Most Total Coronavirus Cases in the World

[3/26/20] Shiawassee County Health Department Reports Second Positive COVID-19 Case

[3/26/20] First Confirmed Coronavirus Case in Shiawassee County

[3/26/20] Superintendents Association Calls On Governor To Waive Missed School Days Due to Coronavirus

[3/25/20] First Presumptive Coronavirus Case in Shiawassee County

[3/25/20] 2,295 Cases of Coronavirus in Michigan, Still None Confirmed in Shiawassee County

[3/24/20] Michigan Statewide Tornado Drill Will Be Wednesday

[3/24/20] Nine Coronavirus-Related Deaths Reported in Last 24 Hours In Michigan

[3/24/20] Newspaper Announces It Is Moving Strictly Online Due to COVID-19 Economic Fallout

[3/24/20] Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hosts ‘Day of Prayer and Fasting’ on Tuesday, March 24

[3/24/20] Details of Governor's Executive Order Means You Can Continue Supporting Local Eateries On the "Takeout Tour"

[3/24/20] Latest Shiawassee County Health Dept. COVID-19 Update

[3/23/20] Governor Whitmer Signs "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Executive Order

[3/22/20] Flint Mayor Calls for Shelter In Place

[3/22/20] Ohio Governor Issues Two Week Stay At Home Order

[3/22/20] Michigan Tops 1,000 Coronavirus Cases

[3/21/20] Governor Amends Executive Order to Exempt Religious Institutions from Ban of 50 or More Gathered Persons

[3/21/20] Governor Whitmer Issues Executive Order Closing Non-Essential Personal Care Establishments

[3/21/20] Still No Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Shiawassee County As State Total Approaches 800

[3/20/20] Shiawassee County Health Department Begins Daily COVID-19 Updates

[3/20/20] Governor Whitmer Responds to Michigan Department of Education Memo That Caused "Confusion and Panic"

[3/20/20] Michigan Department of Education Memo Says Students Will Not Get Credit for Online Learning During Closure and Will Not Be Granted Seat Time Waivers

[3/20/20] IRS Pushes Back Tax Deadline

[3/20/20] Genesee County Health Dept. Confirms Four COVID-19 Cases

[3/19/20] UPDATE: County Official Says State Report of Confirmed Genesee County COVID-19 Case Is Incorrect

[3/19/20] UPDATE: Commercial and Clinical Lab Results Send Michigan COVID-19 Total to 334

[3/19/20] Shiawassee Courts To Remain Closed

[3/19/20] Shutting Down Social Media Rumors

[3/19/20] AG Nessel: Scammers Are Spoofing Health Department Phone Numbers Seeking Medicaid/Medicare Information

[3/19/20] Vital Funding for State’s Small Businesses Gains Michigan Strategic Fund Support

[3/19/20] Meijer Will No Longer Be Open 24 Hours, Designates Special Shopping Times for Seniors, Others

[3/18/20] Christmas In Quarantine

[3/18/20] Burger King Helping Feed Kids During Pandemic

[3/18/20] Walmart Stores Will Now Close at 8:30pm

[3/18/20] Update for All Specialty Court Participants and other Litigants Under the Jurisdiction of the Circuit

[3/18/20] Officials Formally Report 80 COVID-19 Cases, Hours Later Announce Additional 30 Confirmed Cases

[3/17/20] Shiawassee County: State of Emergency Program and Service Updates

[3/17/20] UAW to Big 3: Close for Two Weeks

[3/17/20] Shiawassee County Declares State of Emergency

[3/16/20] Dollar General Announces First Hour of Business Will Be for Senior Customers

[3/16/20] President Trump Says COVID Crisis Could Last Until August

[3/16/20] Local Restaurants Are Still Open for Takeout and We've Got The List

[3/16/20] Governor Will Order All Bars, Restaurants To Close To Inside-Dining By 3pm

[3/16/20] Total of 53 Positive COVID-19 Cases in Michigan

[3/15/20] Kroger Stores Temporarily Adopt New Hours  

[3/15/20] Federal Government Temporarily Suspends Hours-of-Service Law for Truck Drivers Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

[3/15/20] Researchers: Your Reusable Shopping Bag Is Helping Spread Coronavirus

[3/15/20] Walmart To Begin Closing Stores At 11pm To Help Prevent Coronavirus

[3/15/20] CDC: Schools Should Stay Closed for 8 to 20 Weeks

[3/15/20] State No Longer Needs CDC to Affirm Confirmed Coronavirus Diagnoses

[3/14/20] Some Churches Cancel Sunday Church Services, Offer Online Option

[3/14/20] Michigan Announces 8 Additional Positive Cases of COVID-19

[3/14/20] Memorial Healthcare Closed to Visitors

[3/14/20] Letter from Durand Chamber Executive Director Regarding Annual Dinner

[3/14/20] MDOC Halts All Visits at State Prisons

[3/14/20] Durand Encouraging Online Business Options During COVID-19 Response

[3/14/20] Sheriff BeGole Announces Procedural Changes In Response to COVID-19

[3/14/20] USDA: Schools May Serve Meals During State-Mandated Closure

[3/14/20] DNR Announces Closures at High-Traffic Facilities

[3/14/20] Statewide COVID-19 Hotline Now Operating

[3/13/20] Governor: Events With 250 People Must Be Cancelled

[3/13/20] New Report: 25 Coronavirus Cases

[3/12/20] Governor: All Michigan Schools To Close for Three Weeks

[3/12/20] 100,000 Ohians Suspected of Being COVID-19 Positive

[3/12/20] Michigan Now Has 12 Coronavirus Cases

[3/12/20] Joint Economic Development and Marketing Strategy Event Planned for March 16th Now Postponed

[3/12/20] Durand Chamber Postpones Annual Dinner

[3/12/20] Corunna Schools Cancels Community Education

[3/11/20] NBA Suspends Season Due to Coronavirus Concern

[3/11/20] President Trump Suspends All Travel from Europe to U.S.

[3/11/20] Actor Tom Hanks and His Wife Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus in Australia

[3/11/20] World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Global Pandemic

[3/11/20] 2020 NCAA Games Will Be Played With No Fans In Stands

[3/11/20] MSU, U of M, CMU Among Colleges Suspending In-Person Classes Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

[3/11/20] Moolenaar Statement on Coronavirus Cases in Michigan

[3/11/20] MDOC Puts Screening Measures in Place to Protect Facilities

[3/11/20] AG Nessel Warns Consumers of Price-gouging From COVID-19

[3/11/20] State Business Licensing Department Issues Tips on Protecting Against COVID

[3/11/20] Two "Presumed Positive" Coronavirus Cases Prompt Governor to Declare State of Emergency 

[3/9/20] Bernie Sanders to Hold Coronavirus Public Health Roundtable in Detroit

[3/9/20] Moolenaar Votes for Coronavirus Response Package

[3/7/20] Durand Schools Issues Statement on Coronavirus Precautions in the District

[3/5/20] Shiawassee County Health Department Urges Residents to Prepare Not Panic for COVID-19

[3/4/20] Corunna Schools Issues Statement on Coronavirus Precautions in the District

[2/29/20] Coronavirus: State Emergency Operations Center Activated



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